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This site will Give you Information about Farmville Cheats

Farmville Is on the rise, When Zynga begin its flash game on facebook about farmville, Facebook users, Gamers and ordinary kids was amazed by its simplicity but addictive platform of the game farmville.

In regards with this rising addiction of this game, lots of players are looking for farmville cheat codes to level up quickly and earn money fast and easy

I'm not sure if it's right or wrong but I can see the rise of demand of farmville cheats that I'm amazed and surprised on the massive information and websites that didicate this content and space to cheats for farmville.

I search the web for this guides and cheat codes and I found lots of blogs and website that discussed farmville cheats, some are offering for free but some are selling it as high as $50.00. I happen to acquire some premium guides ( this guides won't get you banned by using it) and I'm quite pleased with the result. I level up quickly and acquiring money and farmville cash is so easy.

Anyways, I'll update this website from time to time and I'll post some quality and updated cheats for farmville. I will also give some insider information on the real truth about farmville bots and how it works and if using such farming automation bots are legal and doesnt break zynga's term of use. I will post here the experience of my dear friend who got  tricked to buy this so called farmville bot  after a week  his facebook account is banned.

That would be all for now, see you on my next update.